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"Social Work with June"

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Information About Online Psychotherapy

Thank you for considering my services at “Social Work with June in Brooklyn,” New York. I commend you on being kind to yourself by seeking out assistance in addressing your challenges. This is a brave step that many are unable to take.

I wish to tell you about my practice. I am an "out-of-network provider.” This means that my clients pay me and are reimbursed by their insurance company.

Although this method has many benefits for me and my clients, some people

are not in a position to pay out of pocket. For those clients, I encourage them to continue to look for a psychotherapist that accepts their insurance.

I can also help by reaching out to my coworkers in the field by inquiring if they accept your insurance.

Also, I only hold video sessions via FaceTime, Skype, IMO, WhatsApp, or any app you choose. This gives you the freedom to discuss your issues in the comfort of your own home without being concerned about transportation, going out in inclement weather, or running late for sessions.

I accept payments via an app called Venmo. I do offer a 15-minute consultation and a video session for free to discuss the gist of your challenges. This time allows you to determine if you and I are a good “fit.” 





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